8 trucks with illegal timber seized in Dibrugarh

8 trucks with illegal timber seized in Dibrugarh

illegal timber seized

Dibrugarh: A team of the 18th Garhwal Rifles seized several trucks carrying illegal logs towards Arunachal Pradesh on Saturday.

A total of eight trucks carrying 62 logs were seized on Saturday night near the Namsang-Hukanjuri road. They also seized a crane with the timber.

“The trucks were heading towards Rangla near Deomali, in timber factories. Most of the trees that were slashed by the timber smugglers are from Huguri, under the Joypur range of the Dibrugarh Forest Division”, said a source.

The source added, “Some environmentalists of the region had seen the trucks, which were hidden in the jungles of Huguri some 10-12 days ago, and had alerted the forest department about the matter, but they had taken no action after learning about the whole episode.”

“A huge number of trucks carrying illegal timber pass through the road, but after learning about it, the Forest Department remains a mute spectator”, the source added.

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