Assam and Mizoram Signed Joint Statement To Take Forward Resolution Process of border dispute

Assam and Mizoram Signed Joint Statement To Take Forward Resolution Process of border dispute

Aizawl: The Assam and Mizoram governments signed a joint statement to take forward the process of resolution of the boundary dispute between the two states here on Tuesday.

In the joint statement, both the states have agreed to promote and maintain peace to prevent any untoward incident along the borders.

The Deputy Commissioners of the bordering districts of both states shall meet at least once in two months.

”Both Assam and Mizoram have also agreed that economic activities including cultivation and farming which have been practiced by the people along the borders of the two states shall not be disturbed but allowed to continue regardless of the administrative control presently exercised by either state at such locations subject to forest Regulations and after informing the Deputy Commissioners concerned,” the joint statement read.

As per the statement, the next meeting between the High-Level delegations of the two states shall take place in Guwahati in October 2022 where issues and claims will be deliberated in detail.

Meanwhile, Assam minister Atul Bora said that the CMs of both the states are very keen to resolve the vexed border issue.

Reacting to the same, Mizoram Home Minister Lalchamliana, who represented Mizoram in the talks with the Assam delegation on Tuesday stressed that “give and take policy is the basic component of any discussions like this (border talks)”.

Lalchamliana further hoped that the next meeting in Guwahati will be a step forward in resolving these vexed border disputes.

Notably, several conflicts have taken place in the last few years following the border dispute, and one of these incidents claimed the lives of six Assam policemen and one civilian. They were killed in a fierce gun battle between the two states.

Besides this, at least 50 people were injured in the incident.

In July this year, after reaching a consensus with Meghalaya in six disputed stretches and signing the Namsai Declaration with Arunachal Pradesh, Assam focused on Mizoram to resolve its boundary disputes.

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