Assam: Oil India Ltd discovers Natural Gas source at Tinsukia

Assam: Oil India Ltd discovers Natural Gas source at Tinsukia

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Oil India Ltd, India’s second-largest state oil producer, has unearthed natural gas at well Dinjan-1 in Tinsukia Petroleum Mining Lease (PML) situated in the upper Assam basin, Times of India reports. This discovery was done in the first half of financial year 2020-21.

It is revealed that the well encountered about 10 meters of hydrocarbon-bearing sands. Upon being put through a test, it produced gas at a rate of 115,000 standard cubic meters on a daily basis. A major chunk of Oil India Ltd’s operations take place in north-east India.

Reportedly, this discovery can unfold more areas for the exploration of oil and gas in Assam. With further appraisals and development activities in the future, it can help in the enhancement of production of gas.

Officially disclosing the findings of the operation, the public sector company stated, “The well encountered multiple sands in Kopili, Narpuh and Lakadong+Therria formations with a total net pay of about 10 m.”

They added, “On testing, a 3-m Lk + Th sand at a depth of 3614 m, it produced gas at 115,000 SCMD (Standard Cubic Meters Per Day) through 5 mm bean with FTHP (Flowing Tubing Head Pressure)– 3750 psi (Pound-force per square inch).”