Asset declaration for Assam police officers

Asset declaration for Assam police officers

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Assam government’s Home department is planning to make asset declaration for Assam police officer mandatory. State Home department is mulling the idea to curb corruption.

As per the development, the declaration will be mandatory for officers of the rank of assistant sub-inspector, sub-inspector (SI) and inspector, which also includes the officer-in-charge of police stations across the state.

It is believed that such a decision was being planned following the exposure of several corruption cases involving police officers and is aimed at checking corruption at the grass-root level and ensuring transparency and uprightness at all levels of policing, including those serving at the special branch.

The Assam Tribune reported that the notification to this effect will soon be issued and accordingly the SIs and inspectors will have to declare their assets on an annual basis.

“Since there is already a rule in place for the Assam Police Service (APS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) officers, the home department deemed it right to widen the spectrum of accountability at the thana-level. Along with the annual tax returns, the non-gazette officers will have to submit the list of moveable and immoveable properties every year,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

And if any police officer refrain from doing so, his or her promotion would be put on halt and further in case of any discrepancy, strict action would be initiated against the officer(s) concerned, as per the new development.

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