BTC Floor Test: BTC Chief Pramod Boro proves majority

BTC Floor Test: BTC Chief Pramod Boro proves majority

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Guwahati: BTC Chief Pramod Boro has proved majority in the crucial floor test. Despite stiff challenge posed to Pramod Boro by his BPF chief and former chief of BTC Hagrama Mohilary, Boro proved his majority support at the secretariat in Kokrajhar, Assam.

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Bodo, who is the president of United People’s Liberal (UPPL), Pramod Boro will holds onto the chief post as 22 newly-elected Members of Council Legislative Assembly (MCLA) voted in favour of the coalition of UPPL-BJP-GSP.

The Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) MCLAs, led from the forefront by Hagrama Mohilary raised a hue-and-cry at the Secretariat. Mohilary carried out an intense protest at the BTC session. Heated exchanges took place among the parties.

After winning the floor test, Pramod Boro stated that his government will dedicate itself towards the upliftment of the people.

“We are committed to working for the unity and integrity. Moreover, coalition government is for all citizens in the council,” Boro said.

The ‘composite’ floor test to elect the new CEM of the Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) followed after the Gauhatu High Court on Tuesday ordered for a confidence motion on or before December 26.

The order was issued after Mohilary filed a writ p3etition challenging the appointment of UPPL’s Pramod Boro as the new CEM.