Community transmission in Manipur: CM concedes. May opt for lockdown

Community transmission in Manipur: CM concedes. May opt for lockdown

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Imphal, October 19 2020: After being in denial mode for long, Manipur CM has finally conceded on the possible community transmission in Manipur. He said, there are indications of community transmission of COVID-19 in some areas of the State and the situation is now quite ‘alarming’ .

Informing that the State Government deliberated on imposing a fresh total lockdown for 10 to 14 days yesterday, Biren said that the State Government has asked opinions of the Union Home Ministry through the Chief Secretary on the proposed total lockdown.

The Home Ministry has also been informed about prevailing COVID-19 situation in the State.

The State Government asked the Home Ministry’s advice on the proposed lockdown as such measures come under a National policy, Biren said.

With ICMR no longer supplying COVID-19 testing kits to the State, the State Government has been purchasing the testing kits, he said.

Although lockdown slowed down spread of the disease up to a large extent, it had adverse impacts on the economy, said the Chief Minister and added that the Government has already identified those localities/areas which have been affected to a greater degree by the pandemic.

Entry and exit of people from these places have been prohibited after they were declared as containment zones, Biren said.

Remarking that people are seemingly less bothered about following the SOPs, he urged local clubs and CSOs to carry out mass awareness campaigns on the crucial importance of wearing face masks in combating the pandemic.

The Chief Minister further assured that the Government would provide necessary face masks.