Gaushalas in Assam to be funded by government

Gaushalas in Assam to be funded by government

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GUWAHATI: Gaushalas in Assam to get government funding to feed the cattle. Gaushalas are protective shelters for cows in India. On Thursday, the Council of Ministers decided to provide funding to Gaushalas to fill up the gap in funds required to feed the cows.

Goshalas focus on treating cows well, because of their religious significance in Hinduism and consequent cultural sensitivity towards their welfare.

Assam’s parliamentary affairs minister Chandra Mohan Patowary said, “Usually the trusts which run the Gaushalas feed the cattle with the public donation. But in many cases, the Gaushalas run out of funds for feeding the cattle and that’s why the state cabinet has deiced to chip in and provide a gap fund to all these needy Gaushalas.”

The city’s first Gaushala was established at Athgaon, in 1916.