Journalist Alleges Sexual Harassment At Farmers Protests

Journalist Alleges Sexual Harassment At Farmers Protests

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Amid the ongoing farmers’ protests at various borders of Delhi, a journalist has alleged that female reporters were facing sexual harassment at the protest sites and said that the protesting farmers would be doing themselves “the biggest disfavour” by not weeding out those “depraves” who were involved in such activities.

Taking to Twitter, India Today journalist Preeti Choudhry alleged that “a sizeable chunk of depraves” at these protests were sexually harassing the female reporters. She said that her channel’s team had enough such incidents to report.

Choudhry also asked those in solidarity with the farmers’ protests to call out those involved in sexual harassment of female reporters at the protest sites.

“Our farmers have already etched themselves in world history..but they would be doing themselves the biggest disfavour by letting a sizeable chunk of depraves to sexually harass reporters..our own team has enough incidents to report ..those in solidarity need to call this out too!” Choudhry tweeted on Friday (8 January).

It should be noted that Farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, have been protesting at various border points of Delhi for over a month now against the Centre’s three new farm laws.

The government has so far held eight round of talks with the farmers’ representative regarding the farm laws.

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