Kabui and Rongmei are not same: Kabui Union

Kabui and Rongmei are not same: Kabui Union

Imphal, February 04 2021: Kabui Union Manipur (KUM) has asserted that Kabuis have been an inevitable part of Manipur since time immemorial.

KUM alleged that some people have been trying all means to wipe out Kabui’s from the land of Manipur.

Countering the claims made by Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak Phom (TRCP of Assam Manipur Nagaland) published in some leading dailies that Kabui and Rongmei belong to the same community, KUM in a statement said that such claims can only be made by those who do not know the history of Kabuis and mostly who are not natives of Manipur.

KUM maintained that Kabuis have been in the Indian Constitution Scheduled Tribes list since 1950 and Rongmei was included in ST list (Manipur Gazette) in 2013 only.

Therefore both belong to different communities.

The Joint Tribal Council (Inpui, Liangmei, Rongmei and Zeme) have already stated that Rongmei is a different community on March 2, 2020, added the statement.

Further the union stated that Kabuis are not a part of Zeme, Liangmei and Rongmei.

However TRCP is misleading the people by claiming that they belong to the same community.

Kabui Union Manipur alleged that TRCP formed in 1994 is unauthentic and they are trying to distort the beliefs and tradition of the Kabuis thereby deceiving the Government and the people of Manipur.

KUM also mentioned that TRCP is ignorant of the fact that Jadonang and Rani Gaidinlu fought for the freedom of Manipur and not for some specific groups.

Lastly KUM asserted that Kabuis have been celebrating Gaan Ngai and will continue to do so and the non Kabuis should not interfere.

Kabuis strongly believe in Haipou Raa Gang and Pou Pei Raa Chap and are still following it.