APCC president Ripun Bora puts up brave face. Says Mahajoth will form next Govt in Assam

APCC president Ripun Bora puts up brave face. Says Mahajoth will form next Govt in Assam

Guwahati: Ripun Bora, President Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president on Monday has claimed as per their party’s internal assessment, the people of Assam are going in favour of Congress-AIUDF ‘Mahajoth’ alliance to oust confused BJP party from power.

Bora putting up a brave face confidently claimed that the Congress-AIUDF-led ‘Mahajoth’ alliance will conquer Upper Assam and North Assam with at least 30 plus seats out of 47.

“Congress-AIUDF ‘Mahajoth’ alliance will be forming the Government in Assam. As per our internal assessment for phase-I polls in the state on March 27, the BJP party will lose its complete hold from both North and Upper Assam. After May 2, they will be in the back foot with either single-digit seat or no seats at all,” said Bora while addressing a press conference here in Guwahati.

Bora also stated that the top brass of the BJP party themselves are confused and trying to make fool out of the people of Assam.

“The people of Assam have already decided as their fate decider, as this is the last opportunity to safeguard their identity, self-esteem, history, culture, tradition, etc. Top BJP leaders have already stated that they will impose the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act in Assam, If CAA is imposed, then the existence of the people of Assam will be at stake. CAA implementation in Assam will be stopped if voted to power,” added Bora.

Bora alleged that the BJP party is spending crores of money on newspaper advertisements. “Amidst the ongoing general elections in the state of Assam wherein the BJP after realizing that their defeat is inevitable, has resorted to desperate illegal and unconstitutional methods to influence the voters across the state. In a pre-planned conspiracy and in order to deceive the defraud the voters of the state the BJP party had issued advertisements camouflaged as Political predictions as Headlines on front pages of various newspapers throughout Assam by which the said persons have disseminated false outcome of the results of the phase-I of voting in the state of Assam and have falsely claimed that BJP to win all constituencies of Upper Assam,” Bora asserted.

Speaking about the Assam Congress’ 5 guarantees, Bora stated that are getting widespread support from people across all constituencies which is also evident from the high voter turnout in Phase 1 of the elections. “The youth have shown overwhelming support towards our job guarantee portal. There have been more than 1,75,000+ registrations already. As part of our ongoing outreach programme- Job Conversations, we have had massive turnouts with 75,000+ youth participating across 43 constituencies highlighting their current issues and their expectations,” Bora added further.