Meghalaya legalizes manufacture and sale of homemade fruit wines

Meghalaya legalizes manufacture and sale of homemade fruit wines

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Meghalaya decides to legalize wine making

GUWAHATI: Meghalaya has decided to put an end to 2 decade long demand legalize winemaking in the state . The state cabinet took the decision on Thursday. This will boost the winemaking sector in the state.

The cabinet decided to  approve the proposal to formulate rules on the introduction of the manufacture and sale of homemade fruit wines.

Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Sangma said, “Cabinet has approved the introduction of manufacture and sale of homemade fruit wines in Meghalaya. This will boost not just the overall wine sector but will also benefit farmers who produce fruits in the state.”

The Meghalaya Association of Wine Makers (MMAW) has been long demanding the state government to take necessary steps in the winemaking sector for almost three years now.  State government introduced the Manufacture and Sale of Home Made Fruit Wines Rules, 2020 for issuing of licenses to winemakers in the state

Sangma informed that the state government will ensure that the ad valorem paid by these homemade fruit wine producers will be much lesser compared to other products. It was decided that the ad valorem fees will be only Rs.100 per case and no VAT will be levied on these producers adding that the license fees for these producers will be Rs 7500 per annum.

Meghalaya also organizes a wine festival annually during November showcasing the different varieties of home-made wine distilled out of locally grown fruits and vegetables.