Nagaland by-elections: Kiphire gears up for election

Nagaland by-elections: Kiphire gears up for election

Nagaland by-elections

Dimapur, October 3,2020: All political parties and civil society organisations held a joint meeting at Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire office on October 3 regarding the by-elections for 60 Pungro-Kiphire assembly constituency of Nagaland State Assembly. By-elections are scheduled for November 3.

In the meeting, the addition election officer (AEO), Kiphire, Olivi Thurr, briefed about the election guidelines. Informing that the returning officer would be the ADC, Kiphire, Nyempowallim, she requested the political parties to take the nominations form from her office. She also stated that only two persons and two vehicles would be permitted for each candidate during the nominations time. For holding rally or campaign, she informed that the concerned party should first seek permission from the office of the deputy commissioner.

She also mentioned that persons with disability, citizens 80 years and above, and those persons staying in quarantine could cast their vote through postal ballot. Also speaking in the meeting, ADC Kiphire Nyempowallim urged all the political leaders to elect the right leaders, who could bring changes and benefit the Kiphire district.

She also appealed to the USLP and ward chairman to ensure that everyone should exercise their vote whether he/ she is from weaker sections to maintain democratic means and practices.