Nagaland-Manipur border dispute raised in Nagaland Assembly

Nagaland-Manipur border dispute raised in Nagaland Assembly

Kohima, Feb. 16 : Tension surfaced between two villagers along Nagaland-Manipur boundary on Monday when a group of people from Tungjoy villagers reportedly “abducted” and “manhandled” a dobashi (DB) from Khezhakeno village in Phek district.

MLA Dr. Chotisuh Sazo raised the matter under urgent public importance on the floor of the ongoing state assembly session on Tuesday.

Citing officer’s report on the incident, Sazo said that a mob from Tungjoy village of Manipur state armed themselves with daos, axes, and 12 bore barrel guns came to Nagaland side and started cutting trees and jungles in Chida area.

The police personnel in the Chida post have informed the district (Phek) administration. When the district administration sent EAC Khezhakeno and SDPO Pfütsero to visit the spot along with a Khezhakeno DB at around 12 noon, they were overpowered by the mob. He alleged that a DB, Nr Ngolo Ladu, was abducted and taken to the Tungjoy village.

The MLA went on to cite officer’s report that the abducted DB was “badly manhandled” by the Tungjoy villagers, only to release him the next day.

This was not the first time for the two villagers to come at loggerheads. Similar incident had happened two years back, when the Governor of Nagaland was about to visit the Chida Lake, a tourist spot. The said group of people from Tungjoy village had come to the spot and destroyed the structures erected for the governor’s visit.

In his reply to the MLA, the minister in-charge of Home, Y Patton, informed that SP Phek would made enquiry of the incident and based on his recommendations, the police headquarter will take appropriate steps.

On releasing, the DB was taken to Naga Hospital Authority Kohima for medical examination and medical report showed he suffered physical injury. The SP Phek recorded a First Information Report, he said.

The home minister narrated the incident report received from official. On February 12, around 150 to 200 Khezhakeno villagers went to Kahujo forest area (dispute area) and started cutting firewood. When OC, PS of Paomata in Senapati district arrived and tried to prohibit the villagers (Khezhakeno) stating that the area is disputed, villagers did not recognise his authority.

Three days later, on February 15, around 500 Tungjoy villagers came to Takuo (inside Nagaland) and the adjoining area and began to cut firewood.

On receiving information, the Superintendent of Phek send a team of 11th Indian Reserve Battalion personnel to the spot to restrain the Tungjoy villagers from cutting firewood, but they did not obey. The DB from Khezhakeno village on duty arrived at the spot with an intent to talk to the villagers of Tungjoy but instead he was caught and manhandled before he was taken away to Tungjoy village area, home minister said citing official report.