Nagaland Police observed the Police Commemoration Day Parade

Nagaland Police observed the Police Commemoration Day Parade

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DGP T John Longkumer places wreaths during the Police Commemoration Day Parade

Kohima, Oct 21 : The Nagaland Police observed the Police Commemoration Day Parade at the New Police Reserve, Kohima .Nagaland Director General of Police (DGP), T John Longkumer said, this year 205 policemen across India laid down their lives while maintaining law and order, preventing anti-socials and fighting terrorist. 

‘We pay our respects to these brave and valiant police personnel who sacrificed their lives to protect the integrity and security of the country,’ he said. He was speaking at the Police Commemoration Day Parade.

The DGP said that in recognition of the contribution of the force the Government of India had declared the period October 21-31, to be celebrated as Police Flag Day, of which this year is its first edition. Along with the rest of India, Nagaland Police is also organizing events to mark the occasion, he said.


Longkumer said that the police plays a crucial role in the development of the nation by maintaining law and order, by foiling the work of insurgent and anti-socials and “as witnessed during the pandemic by helping the needy and ensuring smooth flow of essential services to the people”.

‘On this day, we remember the sacrifice of not only those killed in Ladakh but of all other policemen killed in the line of the duty,’ he said. He said that since 1947, over 35,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

Nagaland police officers and men have also made supreme sacrifices. ‘We have also lost many precious lives both in our home state and in states like Chhattisgarh and west Bengal,’  commenting that “the courage and sacrifice of these martyrs will always be remembered by the department and also by those they died protecting”.

The police chief said the policemen who succumbed to the invisible enemy, the Covid-19, while fighting on the frontlines, regulating crowds and enforcing lockdowns. As per BRP&D sources, over 1, 35,000 thousand policemen across India have tested Covid-19 positive and 802 have lost their lives, he said.

‘We mourn the loss; we share the pain of their near and dear ones. But, we also take pride in the valour shown by them and are inspired by their selfless dedication of protecting others,’ he said.

Longkumer said that ‘today is not only a day of mourning but a day to remember the spirit of selfless sacrifices shown by the martyrs’ and “renew our pledge to serve our people, to secure and maintain the integrity of our nation”.

During the programme there was presentation and reading of the Roll of Honour, followed by laying of wreaths by the DGP, invitees, officers and others.