Zeliang tribe celebrates Hega festival in Nagaland

Zeliang tribe celebrates Hega festival in Nagaland

Hega festival photo
Men and women in traditional attires pose for a group photograph during the ‘Hega’ festival celebration

Dimapur, Feb. 17 : Zeliang tribe of Nagaland celebrated the Hega festival, one of the most important festivals, in their respective village across Peren district. A five-day festival is celebrated every year from February 10 to the 15th.

An update from the community stated that ‘Hega’ festival is celebrated to invoke the almighty god to shower his blessings upon the people with richness, luck and courage. It is also a festival of joy, rest and get-together. During the festival, people pray to the almighty god for protection and guidance.

It stated that ‘Hega’ festival is celebrated in order to evince appreciation to god for all the privileges bestowed upon the people. People join in prayer to seek blessings from the almighty god in the form of luck, riches and courage.

The merry-making festival also brings people together in unison to seek the protection of the almighty during difficult times and to show them the correct path.

It stated that each day of the festival is assigned for a certain ritual, ceremony or practice. During the festival, young couples are also united in marriage.

With the announcement of the festival, all preparations are made prior to the celebration. The festival begins with a variety of programmes and merrymaking.