Pastor killed in intervillage clash at Tengnoupal District of Manipur. Wife blames NSCN-IM

Pastor killed in intervillage clash at Tengnoupal District of Manipur. Wife blames NSCN-IM

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Aimol villages infighting . Source: Facebook video screenshot
Video of villagers in fight leading to the death of pastor in Tengnoupal. Source: Facebook

Tengnoupal: A Pastor was killed in a violent intervillage clash at Tengnoupal district of Manipur. Around 20 people more were injured in a violent confrontation between villagers of Aimol Khunyai and Aimol Chingnunghut in Tengnoupal district. The incident happend on September 26 afternoon.

Subsequently, the Tengnoupal District Magistrate has imposed restrictions under CrPC Section 144 at both the villages so as to avoid any further untoward incident.

According to a source, youngsters of a village were playing football in a ground located between the two villages at around 3.30 pm today when they were suddenly attacked by a group of people belonging to another village.

This sparked a violent clash between the two villages. Around 20 people belonging to the two villages were injured in the clash.

The Pastor Thangjalal of Aimol Chingnunghut  was grievously wounded in the clash. He was rushed to Jivan Hospital, Kakching but he succumbed to the injuries.

The Tengnoupal DC organised a function of erecting a monolith at the ground yesterday but the same function was aborted following a dispute between the two neighbouring villages, said the source.

Following imposition of restrictions under CrPC Section 144, a strong police team has been deployed in the area to avoid any further unwanted incident.

Pastor’s wife claims NSCN-IM killed him

The wife of the Pastor killed in a violent clash between villagers of Aimol Chingnunghut and Aimol Khunyai, Tengnoupal district under Tengnoupal police station over a contested playground last afternoon has alleged that it was one cadre of NSCN-IM who thrashed her husband repeatedly leading to his death.

Speaking to media persons today, Deaya Leivon said that her husband Pastor Thangjalal Aimol went to the clash site to pacify the incensed groups. The Pastor was repeatedly was assaulted by one Alim alias Korsosong who is allegedly a cadre of NSCN-IM.

As the Pastor lay flat on the ground after he was assaulted on the face and chest by Alim alias Korsosong, the assailant thrashed the Pastor brutally again and again. The Pastor later succumbed to his injuries at hospital, Deaya Leivon said.

Aimol tribal villagers has been on the continuous target of NSCN-IM for many years as there are tremendous pressure on the Aimol tribe to recognized themselves as Naga tribe.

Playground the main point of contention

Aimol Chingnunghut village chief L Leineichung claimed that the particular playground belongs to Aimol Chingnunghut Junior High Schools even though youngsters of both the villages used to play together at the ground.

He maintained that the playground should belong to the Government as Aimol Chingnunghut Junior High School is a Government school and none of the villages should claim ownership over it.

A joint meeting of the two villages was held at the office of the Tengnoupal DC and it was agreed that both the villages would stay away from the playground for sometime.

But some youngsters of Aimol Khunyai were seen playing football on the ground and it led to the violent clash, Leineichung said.

However, Aimol Khunyai village mantri L Rangneichung said that the violent clash erupted after boys playing football in the ground were attacked by villagers of Aimol Chingnunghut.

There were some structures of Aimol Chingnunghut Junior High School near the playground but they were shifted within the village boundary of Aimol Chingnunghut with due knowledge of Education Department after it was pointed out that the area where the structures stood belong to Aimol Khunyai, Rangneichung said.

Aimol Chingnunghut village chief alleged that the violent confrontation was instigated by a retired SDO and an employee of Home Department, both of whom belong to Aimol Chingnunghut