Protest to reinstate lone woman minister grows louder in Manipur

Protest to reinstate lone woman minister grows louder in Manipur

Kangpokpi: Protest to reinstate the Smt. Nemcha Kipgen the lone woman  grew louder. Group of people mostly women stage a protest at Kangpokpi today. The protestors burnt down the photograph of Manipur Chief Minister N Biren after a meeting with slogans.

Smt. Nemcha Kipgen is a BJP MLA and was dropped from the cabinet before the reshuffle. She was the lone woman minister in the BJP led coalition government.

The women supporters of Nemcha Kipgen across Kangpokpi assembly constituency congregated at Nute Kailhang (Ema Market) at Kangpokpi DHQs on Friday and burned the effigy of Biren, terming the removal of Kipgen, the lone woman member, from the state cabinet as “annihilating women empowerment and opportunity” in Manipur during a sit-in protest.

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The protesting women also held placards which read, “We strongly condemn dropping of the lone woman minister from the council of ministers”, “N Biren Singh ripped the blooming lotus in Kangpokpi AC”, “Where have the much hyped BJP’s women’s empowerment gone?”, “Biren led BJP Govt. kills women’s reservation in Manipur, annihilates women opportunities”, “Social Welfare & Co-op. Dept. in the state is back to life because of Pi Nemcha Kipgen”, “No more woman minister in Manipur Legislative Assembly, is this the BJP’s true face of women empowerment?”, “BJP’s spirit of ‘Nari Shakti’ in Manipur is a mere tokenism and gimmickry”, etc.

Thadou Inpi Condemns the dropping

Earlier yesterday, Thadou Inpi, general headquarters, has condemned the dropping of the lone woman Minister Nemcha Kipgen from the Cabinet and demanded that she be re-instated. Dropping Nemcha Kipgen is unexpected and defeats women empowerment. This leaves the people of her Constituency in particular and the women community of Manipur in general flabbergasted.

They urge the Government to rectify and re-instate the lone woman MLA who has brought lots of development to the district in particular and the State.

Additionally, the necessity of one Minister from the three ACs of Kangpokpi district is felt by one and all and urged for timely redressal.