Public Affairs Index 2020: Goa Ranked 1 and Manipur at bottom among 11 small states

Public Affairs Index 2020: Goa Ranked 1 and Manipur at bottom among 11 small states

Public Affairs Index 2020, Large States
Public Affairs Index 2020, Small States

October 30, 2020 – Public Affairs Centre (PAC) launched the Public Affairs Index 2020 (PAI 2020), the annual ranking of the states of India on governance performance.

  1. Kerala emerged the Best Governed State in the Large States Category
  2. Goa emerged the Best Governed State in the Small States Category
  3. Chandigarh emerged the Best Governed Union Territory in the Union Territory Category

PAI 2020 is the assessment of the adequacy and quality of Governance in the states of India for the year 2019-2020

The Public Affairs Index (PAI 2020) is a scientifically rigorous, data-based framework that measures the quality of governance at the subnational level and ranks the states and Union Territories (UTs) of India on a Composite Index (CI).

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States are classified into two categories- large and small- using population as the criteria.

The states are ranked on Governance performance based on a Composite Index. The governance performance is analysed in the context of sustainable development defined by 3 pillars – Equity, Growth and Sustainability; 5 Themes; 13 SDGs and 50 indicators. Apart from the pillar-wise rankings and analysis, PAI 2020 also features an analysis of states’ performance over time (the five-year period 2015-2020) and inter-state comparisons on performance.

  • The section on State of the States measures inter-state disparities and shows that some of the states are not in a position to participate in competitive federalism, quite simply, because they are hobbled by resource constraints – of capital and human resources – rooted in endemic poverty and chronic backwardness. Some of the findings are that:
    • Female worker population ratio has a negative relationship with growth, indicating that economies are growing at the cost of widening gender disparities in high performing states.
    • Agriculture distress is still persistent in both high performing states as well as poor performing states
    • Rural indebtedness is increasing with a positive correlation between rural indebtedness and farmer suicides
    • The high, middle and poor performing states are on a path of convergence. Female labour force participation is a driving force in the case of high and middle performing states but not in the case of low performing states

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