Talk show panellist Potsangbam Sonamani asked to clarify over his derogatory remarks against Brahmins and Gaudiya Vaishnav followers in Manipur

Potsangbam Sonamani, a retired cop from Nagaland Police was participating in a TV show called “MANUNG HUTNA” aired by the local Manipur Channel “Impact TV”. The particular show “MANUNG HUTNA” which was aired on Saturday May 21, 2022 at 1710 hours. The topic of discussion for the particular episode was ” RECRUITMENT IN COLD STORAGE, WHY?”. The panellist Sonamani was commenting over the delay in announcing results of the various recruitment’s to fill the vacant post in the Manipur government department and the alleged corruption. During the course of the discussion, he drew an analogy to the ancient culture of “bamon da siddha thinba” loosely translated as “practice of offerings to brahmins (priest) for puja in temples” by the people following Hindu religion.