Where is Jack Ma? China Making Him ‘Embrace Supervision’ At Undisclosed Location

Where is Jack Ma? China Making Him ‘Embrace Supervision’ At Undisclosed Location

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Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma who has mysteriously disappeared from public view after criticising China’s regulators and state run banks, is now reportedly “embracing supervision at an undisclosed location” as per Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily, Asia Financial Times has reported.

He also also reportedly been ‘advised’ by the communist government not to leave the country.

Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group who is worth a whopping $60 billion has been termed as a “money-grabbing vampire who exploits the poor”, by Chinese state outlets.

Ma was recently replaced as a judge in the final of TV show ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’.

“His photograph was removed from the judging webpage, and he was conspicuously left out of a promotional video,” the report claimed.

The final took place in November, shortly after Ma “made a candid speech criticising China’s regulators and its state-owned banks”. Ma also claimed that Chinese bankers had a pawnshop mentality and that China’s regulatory framework was unsuitable for Fintech firms like his.

“Ma was dressed down by officials in Beijing and the $37 billion initial public offering of his company Ant Group was suspended. He has not been seen in public since,” the report further said.

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